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Doreen/ One Way...Generation Records 6/77
I Know (My Song To Jesus)/ Oh Jesus...Rapture Records 10/77
It's Christmas Time/ The Bells Are Ringing Out...Rapture Records 10/77
I Remember (album)...Phydeaux Records (a division of Solid Rock Records)  11/79
It's Christmas Time (album)...Clifton Records  11/80
Bye Bye Baby/ Look My Way...Empo Records 1982
Dream Girl/ Crush On You/ Joanne/ Since Loves Been Knockin' On My Door...Clifton Records 1982
Why Should I Lie/ Christmas Bell Rock...Empo Records 1983
Merry Christmas Darling/ Rockin Around The Christmas Tree/ Johnny/ All I Want This Christmas...Clifton Records 1986
It's Christmas Time (album)...Clifton Records  1987
The Crosstones 1982-1990 (cassette)...Empo Records 1990
It's That Time Of Year (cassette)...Empo Records 1993
Christmas In Harmony (Various Artists CD)...Clifton Records 1993
Greetings From The Jersey Shore (cassette)...Empo Records 1994
A White Christmas (Various Artists CD)...Crystal Ball Records 11/95
Rock & Roll Baby (CD)...Crystal Ball Records 9/96
It's Christmas Time Again (CD)...Clifton Records 11/96
Don't Hang Up (The Telephone Answering Machine CD)...Fone Records...6/97
Crystal Ball Records 25th Anniversary Volumes 1, 2 & 4 (Various Artists CD)...2000
Solid Gold Rock & Roll Spectacular (Various Artists CD) 2001
20th Century Doo Wop (Various Artists CD)...Ace Records 2001
Still Singing After All These Years (Various Artists CD)...Crystal Ball Records 2003
Bomp In The Night (Various Artists CD)...2006
A Fun Fun Christmas (Retro Groove Records) 2013
Sonshine Days (Retro Groove Records) 2014
The Crosstones Anthology (Retro Groove Records) 2016
Bobby Emmons "New Jersey Summer" (Retro Groove Records) 2021