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Here are a few of the many songs that the Crosstones have recorded over the past 39 years.  We hope that you enjoy them! 

What Are You Doing (2007)

Get Ready (2007)

House On Haunted Hill (2006)

Mockingbird Heights (2006)

May I Have This Dance (1998)

Randi (1996)

Holy Holy Holy (1996)

I've Got A Boy (1996)

So Hard Leavin' You (1993)

New Jersey Summer (1993)

Where Have You Been (1992)

Valleri (1986)

He's A Rebel (1986)

Don't Run In The Morning (1983)

Bye Bye Baby (1982)

Malt Shop In The Sky (1979)

The following cuts are from the Crosstones CD "Don't Hang Up" from 1997.  They are short but fun!!!

Don't Hang Up

I've Got Rhythm

It's Too Late To Turn Back Now

Unchained Melody

I'm Sorry

Closer To Home (I'm Your Captain)

Mr. Lee