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Doreen/ One Way  Generation 100

     Doreen was our very first recording from June 25, 1977.  This song was recorded in Nick Addeo's living room.  The vocalists were Bobby Emmons, Fred Pope, Nick Addeo & Peggy O'Shea. The musicians were: Bobby-guitar, Fred-bass, Peggy-piano & Howard O'Shea-drums. The group was listed on the label as Bobby & The Discounts.
     One Way was recorded on June 29, 1977.  The vocalists were Bobby Emmons, Fred Pope, Terri Pope & Danny Vetrano. The musicians were: Tom Pope-bass, Danny DeLorenzo-drums & Bobby-guitar.  The Crosstones at that time were known as The Last Generation and that is the name that appears on this side of the 45. 
     Both tracks were recorded in stereo, however, when it was pressed the plant assumed that it was mono and only used one track.  The master no longer exists. Also, when Fred designed the label he wrote it out on a napkin as an example.  The record plant again assumed that this is exactly how we wanted it to look and took a photo of Fred's design. This is why the label ended up looking the way that it did!!!

Doreen (Bobby & the Discounts)

One Way (The Last Generation)


Oh Jesus/ My Song To Jesus  Rapture Records 100

     Recorded in the fall of 1977, Oh Jesus featured Terri Pope on lead, while My Song To Jesus featured Fred Pope.  The group at this point was called The Last Generation and consisted of Bobby Emmons, Fred Pope, Terri Pope, Mary Grace Lang & Josh Shar.  The musicians included Peggy O'Shea on piano & Howard O'Shea on drums.  It was recorded on a TEAC 4 track recorder owned by our friend John Kalinouskas at the home of Violet & Howard O'Shea.  Both tunes were written by Bobby Emmons and produced by Jane & Bob Beaulieu.


It's Christmas Time/ The Bells Are Ringing Out  Rapture Records 101

Recorded in 1977 at the same time as Rapture Records 100, both cuts were written and produced by Bobby Emmons.  Both tunes were later rerecorded for the "It's Christmas Time" album which was released three years later. 



I Remember  Phydeaux Records (a division of Solid Rock Records, Hollywood, CA) Bone-002

     The "I Remember" album was recorded in the month of June, 1979.  The Last Generation opened up two concerts for artist/producer Larry Norman in '77 & '78.  Larry loved the group but not the name.  So...when Bobby Emmons went out to California in 1978, Larry asked the band to change its name to the Crosstones...and the rest they say is history. 
     Bobby and Fred wrote the opening track (Malt Shop In The Sky) together.  Fred has stated that "Bobby came to me with this song.  He was stuck on the middle section.  He said that he wanted to use a lot of falsetto and a lot of bass in the bridge, so I said why not use those actual words as the bridge.  And it worked!"  Usually when Bobby and Fred wrote together Bobby came up with the melody and Fred wrote the majority of the lyrics (ie If God Didn't Care).  But on Malt Shop In The Sky it was the opposite.  Bobby has stated that "I wasn't crazy about the melody that I had for the verses but I really liked the words.  So when I asked to Fred to help out with the lyrics to the bridge I also asked him for help with the melody. What we came up with together worked great.  It was the perfect opening song."  Larry Norman and Bobby wrote two songs together for this project, I Saw You & You.  The remaining songs were written individually by Bobby or Fred.
     Vocally, the group at this point consisted of Bobby Emmons, Fred Pope, Terri DeLorenzo, Mary Grace Shar and Josh Shar.  Additional musicians included Tom Pope, Mike Nicolose, Peggy Andreev and Richie Malfitano.  Tom and Mike were a major part of the group at this time and performed with the band regularly.
     "I Remember" was also the first time that the band had recorded together in a real recording studio.  The tracks were recorded and mixed at Emmaus Sound in Point Pleasant, New Jersey with Joe Saint and Jimmy Scott engineering.  Three of the songs, What Are You Doing, I Remember and Sometimes I Run were later remixed by Mark Heard in Los Angeles.

Malt Shop In The Sky (Crosstones)


(I've Got A) Crush On You, Dream Girl, Joanne, Since Love's Been Knockin' On My Door  Clifton Records 1982

     The Crosstones released their first E.P. (extended play) 45rpm on the Clifton record label in 1982.  Production wise, this recording is light years ahead of the "I Remember" album. Emmaus Sound, where the group was recording , had just gone from 8 tracks to 16 tracks.
     The four songs included in this project were (I've Got A) Crush On You (Emmons), Dream Girl (Fox), Joanne (Arminio) & Since Love's Been Knockin' On My Door (Emmons). The Crosstones at this point consisted of Terri DeLorenzo-percussion, Janet Ferraro-keyboards, Fred Pope-bass & Bobby Emmons-guitar.  Additional musicians included future Crosstone Rich Venore on sax, Tom Cook on the Prophet 5 and John Allen on drums. This release was a mix of traditional doo wop (Joanne, Dream Girl) and contemporary doo wop (Crush, Since) complete with some pretty wild synth. 

(I've Got A) Crush On You

Dream Girl


Since Love's Been Knockin'


Bye Bye Baby/ Look My Way  Empo 100

     1982 was an exciting year for the band.  The Crosstones were working alot at this point, often 6 or 7 nights per week.  The owner of the White Elephant, where the group performed on most Wednesday and Thursday nights, Wally Frank loved one of the songs that the Crosstones performed in their live set.  So he along with White Elephant bartender Murph decided to produce the Crosstones next recording project,  Bye Bye Baby. 
     Bye Bye Baby  was written by Mark Winter whose group also performed at the White Elephant.  Fred Pope had seen his group perform the song and asked Mark if the Crosstones could record it.  It was the perfect vehicle for Freds tenor and the groups standout background harmonies. With a stellar group of session musicians (Ronnie Mallioux-drums, John Drymon-piano, Dennis Grove-bass, Tom Howard-string arrangements) and the NJ Orchestra, Bye Bye Baby/Look My Way was released in the fall of 1982.  

Bye Bye Baby

Look My Way